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About Us

At MADFX, we use the highest quality machines in the market, a quality that makes these systems the best for your event. 


All our equipment is of the highest calibre and therefore follow all industry safety guidelines. 


Our Equipment is soley used for Entertainment and are suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Festivals, Concerts, Shows & Nightclubs and are maintained daily.


We have a small show room where you can pop by and see what we stock and how they work first hand.


Please note; for your security and safety of the attendees and the equipment, hire comes with a member of our qualified personnel to make sure it is all working at full capacity to make your event a successful one. 



Let's talk

New Habours 

Gibraltar, GX11 1AA


Out Of Hours: +350 58797000

Sales & Hire: +350 200 69669


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